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  • The refinement workbench -A

The refinement workbench -A

work table


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Mesa SIZE1200Lx570Wx800Hmm


1-Mesa material2.0mm thick stainless steel panelBack welded M8 bolts 14in order to avoid panel warped.Around the 15 mm high,the 25mm thick veneer on the back.

2-Table stand:one locks on the right side door2 partitions are used to place maintenance fittings, tools, etc.           

3-Lighting settings: LED-12W dome light 3, lighting no dead angle.

4-Socket: 2pcs, international standard.      

5-Switch:2pcs,Control the opening and closing of the LED dome light on both sides and in the middle respectively.

 6-Introduction of compressed air:∅81 air source plugs are introduced and 1 shortcut plugs are exported suggestion:Stay away from the workbench when used

7-The air gun:1pcs .

 8-Inlet and outlet pipe settingThe selection of air filter can form the local positive pressure of the table to the upper area of the table to achieve the local dust free operation and meet the demand for accurate maintenance.

 9-The standard configuration on the frame of the hanging plate: 2 placement grooves.

 10-Foot support: four M16 bolts, used to adjust the level of the worktable.  

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