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  • BC-D3 turbocharger balancing machine

BC-D3 turbocharger balancing machine

BC-D3 turbocharger balancing machine

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BC-D3 are fulled automated, eliminates the differences due to manual operator. So the testing results are more repeatability and compatibility.

Its bracket and system adopt full new design, to ensure the operating more convenient and reliable.

Data reading and control system of the machine are fully digital control, using and processing by the latest generation industry computer Windows XP operating system.

Adopting new software and 15’LCD colorful monitor , it not only make all the functions and testing results visible, and also the operator can direct dialogue with machine.

BC-D3  Balancing machine for turbocharger shaft  with  VSR HICH SPEED   features:

1) Frequency control, speed 0-200000R/M adjustable( according to the actual needs)

2) Test result are accurate and stable.

3) Free choice of parameters, custom memory recording mode.

4) Complete parts and accessories , to meet the requirements of the vast majority of the turbocharger.

5) High quality and low price High quality and low price BC-D3 balance turbo equipment  equipped with compact Pneumatic handwheel, for de-emphasis, work easy and efficient.

Technical parameters

 BC-D3  Balancing machine for turbocharger shaft  Machine Technical 

Test Piece work rate

0-250 , 000R/Min adjustable

Fan power




Fuel tank

5 liters (SAE 15/30)


380V / 50-60HZ


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