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  • The refinement workbench-C

The refinement workbench-C

work table


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Mesa SIZE1200L×590W×800Hmm


The functional configuration and use


1-UsedProfessional maintenance of common rail injector, pump nozzle, single pump and other precise auto parts

2-The drawers quantity:7pcsthe small drawers 4pcs,The built-in small plastic box 312pcs,the big drawers:3pcs)

3-Stainless steel plate thickness: 2.0

4-The thick of the wood plate on the back :25

5-Below the table: 2 pieces of grooves

6-the LED dome light 3pcs on the top,No dead angle of lighting

7-International general power outlet 4 pcs

8-Fast introduction of plug in compressed air

9-The selection of air filter can form the local positive pressure of the table to the upper part of the table to achieve the local dust free operation and meet the needs of accurate maintenance.

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