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  • Basic workbench

Basic workbench

Basic workbench


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Size: 1200L × 570W × 1600H (mm)

Table size: 1200L × 570W × 800H (mm)   


Function configuration and purpose

1-2.0mm thick stainless steel panel, standing on the four sides along the 15 high, the back of the M8 bolts welded 10 through the 25-thick veneer wood, the back of the nut fastening.

2-door, 4 baffle plates for tools, components, etc.

3-backplane installed an international standard square hole oil hanging pendant board, and is equipped with storage slots and gasket placement rack.

4- Install the lampshade above, install LED-T5-12W lamp in the hood 2, ensure the brightness of the lighting.

5-table can be installed on your choice of fixtures for a variety of fixtures

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